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Email Validation and Verification

Email Validation and Verification

Why have I received this email requesting validation?

As a part of the new Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) for 2013, domain registrars are now required to validate and verify the email address on file for a domain, along with the first and last name of the registrant, under certain select circumstances. The purpose of these requirements is to ensure that the registrant’s information is correct and that the registrant can be contacted successfully should the need arise. The circumstances when a domain will require validation are as follows:

If any of these circumstances arise, it triggers a 15 day countdown, at the end of which the domain is suspended.

What does it mean if my domain is suspended?

Upon suspension, the domain is removed from the DNS system and placed in clientHold status, as it appears in Whois. If there are is a website and email associated with the domain, they will not function until the domain is made active again. Once the email validation is completed, the domain and its services will be back online within 5 minutes.

How do I go about validating my email?

We would recommend logging on to your account in our system to check if the email address on file is correct. Please be sure to check the email address on the domain’s registrant contact information. If you can confirm that the email address is correct, check that email for the verification notice. It will contain a link that you must click to complete the verification. You will be prompted to confirm that your first name, last name, and email address is correct. Once this is confirmed, the process is complete, and if the domain was suspended, it will be made active.

What if I don’t have the email with the verification link?

If you have confirmed that the email address on your domain contact is correct, we will send a new email with the verification link within 24 hours, typically at the beginning of the day. We would recommend checking your deleted mail, junk, and spam folders to see if you have a copy of that email still accessible.

If you have checked the email address on your domain and found that it was not correct, once you correct it, a new email will be sent out, as the change has forced the validation process to begin again.

Once your first name, last name, and email address have been validated, you will not be prompted to validate this information again in the event of a domain transaction or change to this information. Only in the event of a bounceback will you be prompted to complete the validation process again.

What does the verification status mean?

You may see a verification status on your Manage Domain page relating to the registrant of the domain:

CIRA Certified Registrar